World Duchenne Day!


September 7

World Duchenne Day is a day everyone around the WORLD can come together and raise much needed awareness about Duchenne Muscular Dystophy. 

For the past few years, our family has used the day to tell anyone and everyone about Duchenne! And each of these past three years, we have done this in many different ways, however, each of these past three years, we have been sure to make our boys feel a bit extra special.  This year will be no different, these boys are so special and they deserve a day to be shared! I hope you will share their story and help us raise awareness about their disease this coming September 7th. 

These past three years, we have also collected donations for Jett Foundation. Please consider donating anytime, but what better time than World Duchenne Day! Donations can be made directly to Jett Foundation online at 

Other ways you can help us make these boys feel special and raise awareness: 

  • Wear RED!> clothes, shoes, socks, hair, makeup and anything else you can put on!

  • Share Stuff on Social Media!! 

  • Decorate Your Car> $1 store has washable markers for windows, easy peasy! 

  • Decorate Your Yard!> tie some red balloons to a tree, with a red poster!

  • Carry A Red Balloon> and then what people look at you weird, spark a convo.

  • Send someone an information card!

  • Meet a new neighbor, educate them!

  • Do some research, educate yourself! 

  • Check out some cool gear

  • If you can do nothing else, please send some love to the special boys with Duchenne in your life. 


The first diagnosis of DMD was made over 150 years ago. However, it has taken many years to understand the impact of this disease on the individual with DMD, as well as their family. To improve awareness, Elizabeth Vroom and Nicoletta Madia launched the first World Duchenne Awareness Day in 2014. Both of them are active members of the World Duchenne Organization. Since then, the day has become a worldwide movement with participants from across the globe.