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And Then It Got Worse.

Hello everyone!

I hope all of you are surviving. I know we are barely hanging on at this point, so please keep us in your prayers.

Its been a LONG few weeks in our say I am tired, doesnt even begin to describe it.

Duchenne doesnt mix well with COVID-19.

Ducehnne doesnt mix well with anything.

Duchenne SUCKS.

And because of Duchenne and COVID-19, we have been in isolation now for over two weeks and not the type of 'isolation' that requires 6 feet between you and others in public...

but the type of isolation that prisoners receive when they refuse to confess to war crimes...

the type of isolation that drives people to insanity...

the type of isolation that many of you will never have to experience, even with the current existence of COVID-19 running loose.

Many of you dont really understand the seriousness of this virus, not so much for yourselves, but for those in the World who arent lucky enough to be healthy, like you.

And not just the 'older' folks in the community, but so many younger folks, who, like my boys, have very compromised immune systems.

COVID-19, is real.

And its serious.

Duchenne has taken so many things from our family, and the ability to fight off this type of illness, is just another one of those things...

So the reality for us to remain out of the pubic, is legit.

And so freakin hard.

And so exhausting.

And lonely.

And the danger is real.

And the risks are so high.

So the next time, you feel like going to the crowded mountain for a nice hike in the beautiful Arizona weather, I hope you will reconsider. I hope you will think about us and the seriousness of needing the stop the spread of this virus.

And I also hope you will stop buying all the freakin toliet paper, we are now on our last few roles and the thought of having to wash a bunch of poopy rags is just not one I want to think about right now.

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