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The Fundamentals Of Caring Part 2

Its been four months since my last post.

I wish there was some great reason why...but there isnt.

My heart just hasnt been in it.

My heart hasnt been in much of this life, these past four months at all.

Its been a lonely place.

and so much has changed...


so much keeps changing...


Duchenne just keeps taking. ruining. hurting.

I barely have a moment to breathe, before someone needs help with something else.

but, I dont seem to have a choice.

I feel like Dori on Finding Nemo, I constantly am reminding myself to 'just keep swimming'.

Isnt it funny how God works though, my last post, four months ago, was, in my opinion a good one, one I had hoped would make a few people really think about how they are caring for us, (yes, I did have an ulterior motive).

yet, NOT ONE PERSON, has made any change to how they have been caring for us.

Except me.

I made a change to how I was caring for us.

I started caring about US, more than I was caring about ME.

and in that selflessness, I discovered a lot about myself, my family and Jesus.

Hes got a plan.

God Does.

and sometimes His plan, includes, us in lonely places.

caring for others more about ourselves.

no, you cant pour from an empty cup,

but have you ever tried to pour from a cup that was overflowing?

it makes a huge mess.

I discovered, there has to be balance in my cup and the cups of those around me.

so, i might have had ulterior motives when writing that post four months ago, but so did God. He was the one writing those words, so that I, myself, would read them, over and over again.

so that, I, myself, might have a better understanding of 'the fundamentals of caring'.

my hearts desire still wants so much for our 'friends and family' to learn how to better care for us, or at least try to care for us better, but God has reminded me that as long as we have Him, we will be cared for as best as we can be.

it seems, just as much as Duchenne increases in our home, so does our faith.

and as our almost eleven year old son, living this life with Duchenne, came driving out of church last night eager to say he wants to be baptized, my heart felt so many things.

satan cant stop God.

and Duchenne wont stop us.

Hes got a plan.

God Does.

and sometimes, His plan is much more simple than we want to believe,

sometimes, His plan is just for us to be in the likeness of Jesus,

despite our hardships and trials,

despite duchenne.

This Tuesday, September 7th, as many of you know, is World Duchenne Day. It is my hope, that ALL of our "friends and family" will #DOSOMETHING to support our family and/or our mission.

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