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World Duchenne Day 2020

Every year, for the past few years the community of individuals affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy dedicates the day of September 7th to the disease. To raise awareness, share knowledge and hope for a cure.

The date September 7th is not a random one, the numeral form 7/9 references the 79 exons of the Duchenne gene and it is the longest human gene known.

For more information about the day

This year, as you all know, looks so much different.

Still, the mission of the day remains the same.

We have to raise awareness, share knowledge and HOPE hard for a cure. And even though we can not physically gather together, wear our matching shirts and release red balloons, I invite you to join us virtually.

All day on Monday, September 7th, 2020, I hope you will 'celebrate' the day with us, join our team and be part of a selfless cause to help find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and support our family in our efforts to help put an 'End To Duchenne'!

There are so many ways you can help!

*You can donate, research, and support some of our favorite Duchenne fighting organizations:

*You can share our story and any information you feel led to share about Duchenne on any and/or all of your social media platforms. This is SO easy to do, SO PLEASE JUST DO IT!!

*Please #TeamMogensen

*You can simply reach out to us, release a red balloon for us, tag us in you pictures wearing Team Mogensen gear or any Duchenne Fighting gear you may have!

*You can write on your car, make signs for your yard, shout from a megaphone thru your mask anywhere you might be.

Friends, whatever you CAN do, I ask you TO DO!! Not only for the benefit of our boys, but for all the boys and girls who have lived with and continue to live with Duchenne!!! Not only to help us advocate and hopefully cure, but to also make these boys, girls, men and women feel loved, seen and important!! They are so special and they need to be reminded of that!!

We fully believe if everyone would just #DOSOMETHING we really could put an end to this awful disease. Sometimes, just telling someone who may not have a clue about Duchenne, could be the "BIG BREAK" we need to find a cure!

One small act, could lead to many large actions!!

I hope everyone of you who say you LOVE US...will SHOW US and will JOIN US and spread the word about the day and Duchenne.

Since we can not be in school this year to celebrate, we are also asking everyone to help us complete a special project, by sharing with us what STRENGTH is to them. If you are interested in helping us with this project, please text

480-815-1424 or email for more information!

World Duchenne Day is Monday September 7, what will you be doing?

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