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Seize The Day.

As many of you know, today is World Duchenne Awareness Day.

It is a day we globally come together to recognize, fight, and share duchenne.

It is a day we can wear a certain color, share a certain post, and 'love' that certain someone living with the disease.

It is a day everyone can feel like they, too, are 'living duchenne' and doing something to help fight it.

For us, today is just another day living with the reality that our boys, have a rare, horrible, genetic disease, that has limited treatments, heartbreaking details and absolutely no cure.

sure, we are hopeful,


we are also, real.

and as easy as it would be to crawl back in bed and hide under the covers,

(which we do that too, somedays)...

Today we do the opposite.

Today we fight a little harder, share a little more and force ourselves into more of the moments that really matter.

Today is a day, we literally can choose to be silent or choose to stand up.

Today is a day, we hope that ONE person, will DO that ONE thing, to really make a change.

Today, I hope YOU will seize the day to make a difference in duchenne.

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