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AZ Gives Day 2019

"Arizona Gives Day is an annual giving movement uniting nonprofits, big and small, new and established, to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Arizona through online giving. The event helps raise awareness about the critical role Arizona nonprofits play in our communities and inspires people to give generously creating a thriving and stronger Arizona for all."

Tomorrow (April 2, 2019) is annual Arizona GIVES Day! I have put together a list of some of our favorite Arizona organizations and I hope everyone will take a moment and DOSOMETHING!

Each of these organizations have directly impacted our family and our lives this past year and we have no way to really express our gratitude for each of them, but we can encourage our friends and family to donate to them, SO we hope you will!

Phoenix Children's Hospital


Make A Wish Arizona


These last few months we have had a lot of people asking about our status as a non-profit organization and although I began this Team Mogensen journey with BIG dreams to become just that...God has made it pretty clear to me that He has a different plan for us. Team Mogensen does indeed still have BIG dreams, and we plan to see them out... but these dreams just don't include becoming a non-profit at this time or any time in the near future. I believe there are so many amazing organizations out there fighting for a cure, and instead of adding to that "competition", we have decided to support as many of these organizations as possible...just like a TEAM would support their teammates. I hate that I have experienced so much animosity among so many different people, groups and hope and prayer is that Team Mogensen can help build a stronger team...ONE TEAM, LOTS of different people, groups and organizations, with ONE DREAM...TO CURE Duchenne! I appreciate all of you wonderful people who have supported our team and I really hope you will continue to support us, love us, and pray for us!

"A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25

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