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Hello Future

Happy new year friends, family and followers, I hope this post finds you all healthy and well.


another year done and gone.

i swear, the older i get, the shorter the years are.

i feel like time is literally moving so fast, i can barely collect my thoughts from moment to moment.

I used to roll my eyes when people would say stuff like that, but now it seems i am those people...

what can i say.

twenty twenty one




and we thought twenty twenty was rough...

is it just me or was twenty twenty one even rougher?

and now, here we are in twenty twenty (too).

im scared.


when I first realized the irony of the new year, year, i immediately wanted to learn some witchcraft, do a séance, burn some sage and sacrifice a goat or something...

i mean, i defienelty wasn't ready to do 2020 ALL OVER AGAIN...

but here we are...

twenty twenty two.

a new normal.

covid is still running rampant...

history is still trying to be deleted...

every single person is fighting for their own form of entitlement...

politics are still a complete shit show...

Jesus is still offensive to way too many people...

and our family is still battling the ever relentless reality of duchenne.

if im honest, i am really beginning to wonder if we are actually already in hell...

i mean, i defienelty want to believe the cup is half full...




the world....



and i am left wondering...

i am left really contemplating the idea that Jesus already returned and took only those people who were obviously much better than me...

or perhaps God decided He was just done with humanity entirely and we are all just left here to suffer.

i mean, i wouldn't blame Him at this point, that's for sure.

we, humans, especially these days, seem to really kinda suck.

i can even visualize His disappointment.

and if you're being honest right now, im sure you get what im sayin.

but really,

i dont REALLY think we are in Hell,

i do ponder the idea often though,

and then i beg God to help me see some light...

and He does.




even when i dont deserve it.

being faithful isnt easy.

its actually the opposite.

it kinda sucks.

its freakin hard.

and most of the time i dont want to do it.

its SO much easier to be miserable and angry all the time.

its SO much easier to doubt His existence entirely, give up all hope, and live a mediocre life.

but apparently i am not made for easy.

so i press on...




trying to see the good,

trying to find that little flicker of light.

some days it much easier than others,

but most days, it takes alot of willpower.

Twenty twenty one was one of the loneliest and most difficult years in all my thirty fives years of life,

SO many people left,

SO many things changed,

SO much duchenne took over.

and i dont think i will ever be the same.

most ways, for the better.

some ways, perhaps, for the bitter.

but in all ways, for a purpose, im sure, that is much beyond my understanding.

so, although 2021 was rough, i think if we all really took a moment to think about it, we could agree, that we are all better equipped to conquer twenty twenty, too.

so, hello future.

goodbye yesterday.

if you need a song for the new year, take a moment to listen here:

I hope with this new year, we can all do better, be better, and love more than years past.

cheers to twenty twenty two.

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