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Just Another Day.

I know, to many of you, tomorrow is just another day...

just another MONDAY...

just another day for extra strong coffee, extra tired eyes and an extra long 8 hour shift...

but to us,

and to so many other people, families, and children....

tomorrow is NOT just another day...

tomorrow is ANOTHER day living with a rare disease.

but THIS tomorrow is a little more rare..

because THIS tomorrow, as in the last day of February, tomorrow,

YOU get to share our rare.

tomorrow, February 28th, is RARE Disease Day!

And YOU, with your coffee, tired eyes and 8 hours, have the ability to help raise awareness, share information, and be part of our rare community.

As many of you know, both of our boys are affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy,


you guessed it,

is a rare disease!

and, as much as I try to stay positive, be positive and use these 'special' days to celebrate these amazing and brave boys of mine,

I gotta be honest right here,

as I am researching the best ways to explain Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to you all,

on this post,

I am flooded with so many emotions, I mean,

yes, we are living it every single day, so trust me when I say, my heart feels the reality of Duchenne, EVERY SINGLE DAY...

but when you google the disease, and start reading about the disease,


even though im living it,

reading the words about it,

hurts so much.

like, it physically hurts my being to read about duchenne.

have you googled it?

if you have, then you must kind of feel what I feel right?

EVEN IF you are not living it...

JUST reading about it, is painful.

JUST reading about it makes me want to cry my eyes out, get back in bed and forget what I just read.


It also kinda lights a fire...

reading about duchenne, makes me want to DO SOMETHING.

not just for my boys, for all boys and even girls living and fighting the reality of duchenne every freaking day...


I hope...

you must kind of feel that too, right?

Like when you read about it, and find some thanksgiving in the fact that YOU, most likely, arent living in the reality of a rare disease,

arent living in the reality of duchenne,

that you too,

feel a fire,

and want to DO SOMETHING.

and then, actually CHOOSE to DO SOMETHING.

and what better day to DO SOMETHING,

than today,

RARE disease day!

and guess what,

to do something, isnt that hard.

Sometimes, to do something,

is to hardly do nothing...

just check in,

share a post,

send love,

offer a prayer or even a hug.

and sometimes, to do something is all of those things and more...

for our family, you can..

WALK with us at the next MDA Muscle Walk,

BUY Team Mogensen merchandise,

GIVE us your time, come over, hang out, and help us laugh a little.

Friends, sometimes we over think what we CAN DO simply because the 'problem' seems so much larger than what we are humanly capable of doing...

sometimes we think to do something requires billions of dollars, a perfected speech or some magic potion,

(AND YES, these would all be wonderful and helpful and appreciated, so if you have any of these things, please send them our way..)


the fact is,

to do something,

is so much less than that.

So, it is my hope that more of you will choose to do something, perhaps not only for our family, but for any family, person, or child you see is living a rare life.

You are never too big,

too small,

too young,

too old,

to make a difference,

make a change,


So what will you do today?

Heres a start, listen to this!

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