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New Year. New Mogensens.

Can you even wrap your mind around 2020?

I mean, the end of the year, every year, we get to analyze and articulate all that went on through out the year, but THIS year...

I dont even know what to make of it.





I am ready for the end.

I am ready for a new beginning.

I am ready for a new year.

Not that I think 2021 will be full of sunshine, butterflies and laughter, because we all know that life doesn't work like that...

however, 2021 just feels fresh, it feels hopeful, it feels new.

and I love new.

and with the new year, our family is determined to do new things, see new places, and have new adventures.

We are excited to share these things, places and adventures with any of you, who, like us, have to do things a bit differently. We are on a mission to find as many wheelchair accessible hikes, trails, parks and monuments as we can!

Our hope is, that you, like us, will find some healing in nature.

Having fun and going on adventure isn't always about how much money you can spend or the physical abilities your body is capable of...

Its simply about being with those you love most, in the fresh air, surrounded by the beauty of the world we get to live in.

I dont know if you can relate or not, but our life has been EVERYTHING but easy, most days, there are many more tears than laughs, especially this past year...


every. single. time.

we head out on a trail, in the wilderness, we are reminded how small we are and how small our problems are and

every. single. time.

we are reminded that God, despite all the hard, and all the tears, is indeed, still good.

every. single. time.

I dont know if you can relate or not,

I dont know if you have had a hard year,

or if you, like me, are just ready for a new year.

but I do know,

no matter what,

I always find some healing and some faith when I am standing in the middle of nowhere, looking up at the top of a mountain or looking down at the beginning of the trail we just made it up...wheelchairs and all.

and I do know,


these days,

could use some healing,

and some more faith.

So here's to a new year,

new healing,

new faith,

and new Mogensen Maneuvers.


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