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Unrealistic Victory

When I think of victory, I definitely dont think of Duchenne.

I would consider Duchenne, the complete opposite, actually.

And I would say, I am just being 'realistic'.


And this idea of victory and our reality, has really been weighing me down.

Every week, twice a week, after each of my boys complete their hour long physical therapy sessions, we walk past the VICTORY BELL.

Literally, a bell hangs on the wall and patients who are healed, who have completed their therapy, who are experiencing victory; get to ring that bell.

And everyone claps and cheers...

Victory is theirs.

How lucky they are.

And every week, twice a week, I am reminded that my boys will never get to ring THAT bell.

That will never be our realistic victory in this earthly realm.

They will never be healed.

They will never be Duchenne free.

And they will never 'complete' their therapies.

And honestly, that hurts every part of me.

But this past week, after Jax completed his six month comparison tests, comparing results from when he started to his current abilities, everyone was shocked to see improvements.

See, a realistic victory with Duchenne, would be, staying the same and not declining...

but Jax, he had IMPROVED.



This my friends, is unrealistic victory.

And I, being so used to 'being realistic' was in a state of shock.

And in that shock, I realized, this UNREALISTIC victory, was way better than any realistic victory could ever be.

And I also realized, we should get to ring a bell.

So I bought our own.

(Amazon literally sells everything...including unrealistic victory bells aka desk bell.) ;)

I think being realistic sometimes hinders all the possibilities of God and His faithfulness.

I think being realistic, is not what its all cracked up to be, because in reality, there is NO solid certainty of anything, at all, ever. no matter how realistic you are.

So in that shock, I decided our family would live unrealistically from now on.

The idea that "NOTHING CAN BE IMPOSSIBLE" really came to life for me.

My dad always used to say, "if you can dream it, you can do it" and I always rolled my eyes, insisting that way of thinking was so unrealistic, so naive.

But, slowly, Duchenne is teaching me he was right.

We can have the same dreams, with or without Duchenne.

We just have to be a bit unrealistic.

Victory isnt always going to be grand.

A victory with Duchenne is simply being able to get off the floor three whole seconds faster than you could six months ago.

And we are going to ring that darn bell.

All day long.

If we want.

Until...I return it, because I realize what an awful idea it was to buy a desk bell for two young boys... LOL

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