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Why We Walk.

Have you ever just stopped for a moment while walking somewhere and just thought about how cool it is that your legs can do this simple act?

One foot in front of the other over and over, 10,000+ steps a day on average says Fitbit.

Walking. Such a simple act for most people.

How amazing is it to have legs than can hold you up, carry you from place to place, and give your body the ability to walk.

When was the last time you thanked God for your legs?

When was the last time you thanked God for the amazing ability to walk?

I know for me, I never really thought twice about walking...its just something we do...right? There were moments I would feel sad for others, like when I would see someone in a wheelchair, and for a spilt second, I would consider a bit of gratitude for my ability to walk...BUT, really, it was more of this expected kind of gratitude. NEVER ONCE, did I really sit down and consider how amazing it is that I am able to walk and how truly grateful I feel for the ability, until now....Now that my boys are slowly loosing this amazing ability...Now that Duchenne has moved in and has taken over.

Walking is a gift. It is a privilege. It is an act that should be appreciated every single day.

Walking has become a new part of our daily prayers...God, THANK YOU for our legs. God, THANK YOU for another day we were able to walk. God, THANK YOU for another day you have given my legs the strength to carry my sons when their legs could carry no more...

BUT, like most of us, even Jesus, that prayer often includes, BUT GOD, if there is ANY other way, please, please, please do it, let my boys be healed. PLEASE. God, let them keep walking. Let their little legs stay strong. PLEASE.GOD.PLEASE.

I hate to think of anyone not being able to walk.

I HATE the thought of my boys NOT being able to walk anymore.

Like, I HATE IT.

And I am always so convicted when I finish reading Jesus's prayer...'yet, not my will but yours be done...' Because I want to always do what God says, I want to live my life in such a way, that only brings Him glory...however, if God's will is for my boys to loose their independence and their ability to walk, I just cant say these words like Jesus did. I want to. I should. But friends, I just cant. Not yet anyways.

And my hope is, I wont have to. My hope is, we will have a more promising treatment to slow down or stop the progression. My hope is, we will soon have a cure to stop this awful disease from taking the ability to simply walk from all these amazing kids, including my two little boys. My hope is that every step we all take, we will be grateful that our bodies are able to place one foot in front of the other. My hope, is that YOU will consider walking with us and for us each day and at the upcoming MDA Muscle Walk!

We will gather as a team on Saturday, April 27th at 7:30am to WALK TOGETHER.

We walk because so many can not.

We walk because it raises awareness.

We walk because being a team, means sharing a dream.

We walk because we need to find a cure.

We walk because we are able.

We walk because our legs allow us the ability.

We walk because we are grateful we can.

We walk because the only things that matter in life are God and People and when we are joined together in community walking, we are also supporting and loving each other in a way God has called us to.

Friends, Team Mogensen walks because Duchenne is stealing Mason and Jaxtons ability to walk a bit more each and every day and we need to DO SOMETHING to help stop it.

Walking. Is. Something.

When was the last time you thanked God for your ability to WALK?

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